Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Beit Tefilah Israeli would be happy to be a part of preparing you for this important event in your life.


Are you interested in a personal, family-oriented Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony?

Are you interested in a Jewish-Israeli egalitarian atmosphere?

Are you interest in taking an active part in planning/designing your Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony?

If so, Beit Tefilah Israeli would be happy to be a part of preparing you for this important event in your life.

Beit Tefilah Israeli offers an exceptional preparation program for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our program combines the basic Jewish religious concepts of coming-of-age with the contemporary questions of growing up in Israel, or the Diaspora, today. The program is composed of weekly meetings that include personal and private work on Torah reading, Drasha, designing the ceremony, and the general content in contemporary Israeli Judaism.

The ceremony itself is held during Morning Prayer service (Shacharit) or afternoon Shabbat service (Mincha).

Throughout the program BTI offers a diverse preparation process that combines a joint study with the teenagers of general topics on responsibility, leadership, and independence with acquiring the “Jewish” toolbox. The Bar/Bat Mitzvah program includes:

1)      Weekly class meetings on Fridays before Shabbat services for group study (BTI recommends three months of these group study sessions for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates)

2)      Drasha study for candidates to learn their Torah portion, explanations of the passages, and connect the text to our daily lives. After study, candidates will write a short speech on one of the study topics for reading during their ceremony.

3)      Learning to read the Torah is a musical experience, and often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. BTI helps each candidate to learn and practice the Torah Trop.

4)      Ceremony Preparations: we offer each family the opportunity to develop a Mitzvah ceremony tailored to their personal stories and music.

For further information please contact Batya at or call the office at +972-77-300-3655.

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